What is an "elongated penny"?
Why cannot they be found in France or Europe?
Is it legal ?
Where can I find pennies ?
Can pennies be collected ?
















What is an elongated penny?
Originally from United States, "elongated pennies" or simply "elongated", are coins (mostly cents or dimes), pressed between two rolls driven by a crank..
One of the rolls has a carved imprint. The extraordinary pressure applied to the coin creates this characteristic elongated shape souvenir (where the elongated name comes from) bearing on one face the design of the die.
Pennies under this shape are real collectors items and can be crafted by the delighted user.

Elongated are subject to collection and research and draw pennies seekers into your site.

It is generally conceded that first cents were to be pressed at the Columbian Universal Exposition of 1892-1893 at Chicago Illinois, which was celebrating the 400th anniversary of Christopher Colombus.



Why cannot they be found in France or Europe?
Actually you can find them, but in very small quantity in France. These are a little more represented in Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom.










Is it legal ?
A french regulation was prohibiting the fact of mutilating a banknote or a coin, but this regulation was abrogated on dec. 16th 1992

So it is no longer illegal.












Where can I find pennies?

On the internet,
On specialized sites of coins trading,
On ebay,
On collectors sites
and obviously everywhere you will see a













Can pennies be collected?
Yes of course! There are several themes to be collected, countries like the United States are offering a large range of models. Pennies can be classified by theme in special penny books that can purchased over the Internet.









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