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PennyRoller is made of a steel cabin covered with a transparent polycarbonate sleeve enabling a full machine customization as per the site's theme. This customization offers as well a very attractive communication means to be adapted to specific events if necessary.
The Polycarbonate header of PennyRoller fully shows the mechanism operation, the gears and wheel movement, and offers an interesting view of the transforming coin, between the dies actuated by the user. PennyRoller's big wheel provides a good prehension and a perfect movement mastering, avoiding a machine throw off that could be caused when using a crank. This wheel allows the machine to be used by all, children, adults and reduced mobility people. PennyRoller's base ensures the machine stability when placed on uneven grounds, and enables PennyRoller to be placed outdoor and the particular esthetical shape will catch visitors' curiosity.

PennyRoller is easy and can be operated by all kind of users. The operation is clearly explained on ideograms placed inside the cockpit but the machine remains very intuitive and natural. The large wheel gives a sufficient lever to operate and avoids a potential throw off due to its central position.
PennyRoller offers a very high security level towards persons. Neither the body nor the wheel have square lines that could hurt, and the operation doesn't leave any chance to the risk of have one's fingers jammed or trapped. All moving parts except for the wheel, are hidden behind the polycarbonate cockpit and are unreachable to unwary users who can operate PennyRoller in complete safety.
PennyRoller's mechanism is fully self working and doesn't require any power supply nor specific maintenance. The system is based on a simple dependable operation, and on heavy duty components, designed to cope with the extremely high operation conditions, required to press the penny..

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