"Elongated Pennies?"

"Elongated, smashed, squished, pressed pennies" or simply "elongated" "elongated pennies" or simply "elongated", are coins (mostly cents or dimes), pressed between two rolls driven by a crank.

One of the rolls has a carved imprint. The extraordinary pressure applied to the coin creates this characteristic elongated shape souvenir (where the elongated name comes from) bearing on one face the design of the die.

Pennies under this shape are real collectors items and can be crafted by the delighted user.

Elongated are collection items, seeked after and collected. They do attract more and more numerous pennies hunters.



Ideal for

  • Theme parks
  • Museums
  • Souvenir stores
  • Casinos
  • Aquariums
  • Touristic Sites
  • Shows
  • Events
  • Stadiums
  • Historical Monuments
  • Theme bars
  • Restaurants
  • Zoos

PennyRoller is a new kind of mechanical amusement vending machine in France.

PennyRoller 's mechanism is fully self working and doesn't require any power supply nor specific maintenance. The system is based on a simple dependable operation, and on heavy duty components, designed to cope with the tremendous operation conditions, required to press the penny.

Widely distributed over America , this machine is now available on the European market and is using €uro money. Sedicad is producing and trading PennyRoller penny press.

Return on investment...

  • One of a kind souvenir, funny to process by a delighted user.
  • Original and unique designs, from one to four per die. Multiple designs increase the machine profit.
  • Excellent return on investment.
  • Permanent profit for a reduced floor surface (0,35m²)
  • Robust and resistent cabinet, PennyRoller is suitable for an outdoor use.
  • No power feed needed.

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